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“Fréamh; Root”

Ger’s newest CD Fréamh;Root will be available at the website: and from selected record stores. This exciting new CD is bi-lingual and contains songs and traditional tunes Ger composed as part of a project in Spring 2009 (ó Béal guth Bhéál) where he worked in the Múscraí Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) area of Cork, gathering anecdotes and stories from older people in the community as material for newly composed songs.
The songs range from the gentle lullabies Seothín is seothó and Rainbird to the almost music hall Galar Cam is muc and the evocative Three Girls Dancing alongside homages to two local saints Naomh Fionnbarra and Naomh Ghobnait. Tune-wise there are unexpexted polka’s, slides and reels that Ger composed himself and a slow air called Imirce (emmigration) which would bring tears to a stone.
This album manages to capture something very special about the lives of the older generations and a different era in Irish life. Featuring excellent arrangements from musicians Edel Sullivan (violin), Paul Frost (double bass), Richard Lucey (button accordion), Kevin Murphy (cello) and special guest, Fiona Kelleher (vocals) all adding their own musical magic to this beautiful recording. Tá an dlúthdhíosca seo déanta le táchaíocht ó bhForas na Gaeilge.
This album was made with the help of Foras na Gaeilge.

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