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Paul Lee under the banner of “Musiclee” has been staging folk concerts for the last 20 years in different venues around Dublin. Starting in An Beal Bocht in Dublin’s Charlemont Street in 1988 and running concerts there until its closure in 2001. In 2007, Musiclee went out to the suburb of Walkinstown and set up a venue in The Cherrytree, again taking an unused upstairs lounge and transforming it into a respected and much loved venue by audience and musicians alike. This venue staged many memorable concerts but the highlights must include the first reunion concert in 25 years of Paul Brady and Andy Irvine and the first ever Irish concert by the Klezmatics just three days before winning a grammy for best album. The Cherrytree was also nominated in 2009 and 2010 for Venue of the Year by IMRO/Hot Press readers. Sadly Musiclee has again had to move on as the Cherrytree focuses on some renovations and development of its lounge for various functions.

If anyone feels they may be able to help to get such a venue going please contact Paul at

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