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Intimate Live performance by Carol Keogh

Upstairs at Anseo, Dublin, November 25th, 2011

Carol Keogh, ex Plague Monkeys, Tycho Brahe and Autamata frontwoman, will play an intimate show with her band, The City Fathers, on Friday November 25th, upstairs at Anseo in Dublin. The show is intended to promote material from her forthcoming debut solo album, and is also the first of a series of events to help raise funds to finish the album recordings.

Doors will open at 8pm and the show will commence early. Space will be limited, so attendees are encouraged to arrive early. An exclusive 4-track CD of covers will be available to purchase at the show.

In addition to her solo pursuits, Carol’s recent projects have included a co-write with Sharon Shannon (Shifting Summer Sands) on her recent collaborative album, Saints and Scoundrels. Carol is also half of The Natural History Museum, an experimental electroacoustic project with composer Dunk Murphy (AKA Sunken Foal). The Natural History Museum will release their debut album Attenborough before Christmas 2011.


Resolving to avoid fancy studio wizardry wherever possible, she has recruited a full backing band to play alongside her during recording sessions. The results are outstanding, full of delicately executed melodies and with Keogh’s unmistakable voice charged with warmth and emotion.
State Magazine - Faces of 2010

I am stupendously in love with this song. It’s a work of beauty. All the tracks up on Carol Keogh’s Soundcloud are new, unmastered and already tugging on an internal cord that runs from my ears to diaphgram but My Father The Jeweller is one that my eyes kept flicking to the browser tab to check and check the name again. Her voice is sublime and I sway from the start. Then, when the guitars take off deep into the body of the music, I think I feel that cord disintegrate and something lightweight in me soars. It’s a gem.
Harmless Noise - on My Father the Jeweller

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