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CHRISTY MOORE & Declan Sinnott Sun. 18th December 2011 - VICAR ST

In Aid of the Homeless

Don’t miss a magical evening with Christy Moore and Declan Sinnott. Christy and Declan are doing an extra show at Vicar St to help the Homeless. Christy and Declan have added an extra night to their run of Vicar St. gigs and it will be a Charity Concert.

All Proceeds to benefit FOCUS IRELAND and TRUST IRELAND.

The Concert will take place on Sunday, 18th December at 8pm in Vicar St, Dublin.

Tickets are on sale now and if you can’t go to the show yourself, you can still support the Homeless by purchasing a ticket for a friend and help a good cause at the same time.

To this day Christy Moore and Declan Sinnott’s collaboration is still bearing fruit, and they continue to produce unmatched creative music together. One of the most compelling and inspirational musicians Ireland has ever seen Christy Moore has a universal fan base and still continues to entertain, cementing him as an Irish icon. It is his deep urge to connect with the listener and to transmit the meaning of the songs he sings that has endeared Christy to his audiences and helped to create and develop a faithful following that quite frankly alludes most other artists.

Declan Sinnott is one of Ireland’s most gifted musicians who has been a force in his own right for decades. His association with Christy began when they were founding members of the pioneering and influential band, Moving Hearts.

“FOLK TALE” is the latest result of Christy and Declan’s unique musical alliance. Their long collaboration has gained a loyal and ever increasing following. Their association began when they were founding members of the pioneering band Moving Hearts. THE NEW ALBUM “FOLK TALE” IS OUT NOW.

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