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Westland Studios, known for its history, client list and crucial role in the Irish music industry since 1976 has recently had a new lease of life with updated equipment and staff. “Many people thought I was crazy taking over Westland last year and although it’s definitely been hard work, the support from former clients has been fantastic.” says new manager and producer Alwyn Walker. “When I took on the studio, I wasn’t aware of the extent of its heritage, but I keep seeing it in photos and films and it’s a nice feeling to think that we’re continuing that.”

At the same time, new equipment including a new ProTools system, mics, outboard and backline has been added, perfectly complimenting the studio’s recently serviced SSL desk, outboard, mics, grand piano and hammond giving the clients and projects the best of both worlds.

The studio’s flexible layout has been a real asset for bands who want to track live but with visual contact. “It’s so well thought out that I don’t break into a sweat when a group say they want to add a musician or two at the last minute” says Alwyn. “A trad, jazz or folk session should be a group playing together, not someone recording at home and emailing it to the rest of the band. Musicians know the difference, and the end product reflects it. With the projects I’m working on, the gear we’ve bought, recent clients’ enthusiasm and recommendations, I’m confident about the future.” says Alwyn.

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