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SLIGO LIVE 2012 Presents



The annual hilarious World Air Fiddle Championships where would-be fiddle players release their inner ‘musician’ in the most unique of ways.  Laugh until you drop while you watch the madcap antics of our air fiddlers or better still – allow your own imaginary fiddle diva to break out and make a stab at becoming World Air Fiddle Champion 2012.  Join SLIGO LIVE to see if you can possibly beat reigning champions or just for the sheer fun of watching others try.  The Championships are judged by the “clapometer never lies” barometer.  Even those who can’t play but would like to, and can do a pretty good impression have the ‘World Air Fiddle Championships’ which has proved such a hit at SLIGO LIVE each year. People are travelling from around the world to attend the now famous hilarious WORLD AIR

Rory O’Connor, Executive Producer of Sligo Live described this “as the traditional take on ‘Air Guitar’. Air Fiddle is one of the highlights of the festival each year.  The competitors are brilliant and the standard is very high”.

The first champion in 2006 was Amy O’Hara, a young mother who slayed the crowd with her version of Charlie Daniels “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” Not what we were expecting nor traditional, but sheer entertainment. Amy went further and mimed all the instrumental solos on that furious track - a tour de force.”  “To be honest, we thought everybody would mime tunes like ‘The Mason’s Apron’, ‘The Sligo Maid’ or even Horselips’, ‘An Dearg Doom’ but from the start we also had air versions of  Stephane Grapelli and Nigel Kennedy. All music depends on practice and the best air fiddlers put a lot of work into their performances”

In 2007 Peter Crann, better known for his Samba drumming, won the competition.  The 2008 champions
were The Fiddle Sisters – Cathy Brennan and Cathy Ann Brennan (in real life - Sisters-in-law).  They did a Chaplinesque take on it (Charlie Chaplin Silent Movie with all the actions!)  The 2009 reigning champions were Helga and Holger from Scandinavia.  Original World Champion Amy O’Hara won the title again in 2010 and in 2011.

SLIGO LIVE is getting ready to welcome an array of International artists and thousands of dedicated fans to Sligo this October Bank Holiday Weekend.  A limited number of weekend tickets at €112 will enable music lovers to enjoy all of Sligo Live including legends Van Morrison and Joan Armatrading, as well as Wallis Bird,  Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three, Bell X1, Fidil, I Draw Slow, Lau, Buille, Mánran, Marit and Rona, Rackhouse Pilfer, Common Tongues, Eoin Glackin, Si Schroeder, The Casanova Wave, Louise Killeen, Liz & Yvonne Kane, Christof, The Scottish connection plus many more.

This year’s Festival will also feature ‘Arrival’ a showcase for Emerging Artists All Day Every Day of the Festival, Traditional Sessions, Fiddler of Dooney Competition, Food and Craft Market, and climaxing with the hilarious World Air Fiddle Championships.

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