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Another April Day For Bee For Battens

Renowned pianist, Thérèse McCartin, is bringing her musical career on a new journey with her latest recording, Another April Day. The Artist is donating a proportion of all sales to charity, namely Bee for Battens, The Saoirse Foundation. Described as “easy listening” the finished album is both beautiful and moving in equal measures. The recording also features original compositions by Therese with Another April Day. The special touch & handiwork of acclaimed producer and arranger, Frank McNamara, a well–known face from The Late Late Show, has ensured Therese’s latest work shines through in every note.

Therese began piano at the tender age of six and in her teenage years she transferred to the Royal Irish Academy of Music where she continued her studies, finally graduating Trinity College Dublin with a Bachelors Degree in Music Education. An accomplished harpist and singer, Therese was a member of Anúna (The original singers with Riverdance) and in 2003 she realised a life–long dream when she set up the Cavan Academy of Music. Her most recent venture is the completion of her CD entitled Another April Day.

Bee for Battens is the Irish campaign for raising awareness and supporting those affected by Battens Disease, a genetic condition of the nervous system that leads to children becoming totally disabled. Battens disease is not preventable and to date has always been fatal. Bee for Battens is operated by The Saoirse Foundation, a Non–Profit registered Charity. The Saoirse Foundation was formed to provide parents, families and all those affected by Battens Disease in Ireland with a home based support and networking organisation, and as importantly, a credible source of information. The charity was founded by Tony & Mary Heffernan in March 2010 and has since grown with more children diagnosed in Ireland. The charity is spreading into the field of Rare Disease, and is currently pursuing the development of Liams lodge, a dedicated respite centre for children with Rare Disease and their families. “Our Support & Research activities completely rely on fund-raising and donations from the public and private business sectors. By raising awareness & working together we can all do our bit to help those affected by this rare conditions” says Tony Heffernan of The Saoirse Foundation.

If you have any questions about the charity or the disease itself please contact or visit the following website and you can also follow their progress and keep up with events via Facebook and Twitter.

The CD is available in Record shops nationwide. Distribution via Indie Entertainment. Available for download on iTunes or log on to the website

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