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Seinn, their new album, reflects the great love and response that Mary Jane and Wendy have for Nova Scotia tradition and for each other. The CD achieves a delicate balance between the musical sensibilities of two artists, showcasing traditional and original compositions, from the melancholy of Gaelic song to the joy of fiddle tunes. Some of the material was learned from the recordings of older Cape Breton singers and fiddlers, some were chosen from existing repertoires, and some were written specifically for this project. The record fuses roots arrangements with a traditional presentation, capturing the enjoyment and fun that Mary Jane and Wendy have together onstage and off.

It is a powerful collaboration borne of a long–time friendship and a shared love of Celtic music. Whether it’s the mesmerizing Gaelic vocals of Mary Jane, or the superb and true musicianship of Wendy on the fiddle, these ladies have been making their mark with traditional audiences worldwide for over two decades. Mary Jane and Wendy have both been recognised internationally for their solo music careers, and Wendy has been Mary Jane’s steadfast comrade in the presentation of her music for many years. It seems only natural that these two impressive talents now come together to create a true musical partnership, combining their musical sensibilities, their strong Celtic roots, and their colourful personalities.

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