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The Willis Clan is fast becoming one of the sought after bands touring the Irish festival circuit and is now pleased to announce that TV cameras will be touring along with them. In 2011, a reality TV show pilot was filmed based on the life of the Willis family. The show has been picked up for series and the first episodes are being filmed in March and April. The show series will start airing in late June.

Although Irish music and dance were not part of the pilot, it will be in the upcoming
series. The production team will be following the Clan to events and performances for the next couple months - and in March that means plenty of Irish music and dance. The band has made a point to stay true to the various traditions but infuse a breath of originality. The series will feature music from their first CD Roots and from future new directions. Music and dance will go beyond their initial Irish to country, pop, and beyond.

Also in March, The Willis Clan will be performing in Nashville, TN at Dan McGuinness Pub, competing a dance drama at the World Championships of Irish Dance in Boston, MA and playing at The Cara Pub in Dover, NH.

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