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Catskills Irish Arts Week

July 14th – 20th, 2013

The 19th Annual Catskills Irish Arts Weeks in East Durham, New York, July 14th–20th, 2013 presented by The MJ Quill Irish Cultural and Sports Center is right around the corner!

An exciting week of Irish music, song, dance and storytelling awaits you in this charming Upstate New York village, which was populated by the Irish in the late 1920’s. It is nestled in Greene County, also affectionately known to the Irish as Irelands 33rd County!

The music, dance and song culture that they brought to The Catskills all those years ago, thrives today in what has become the leading Summer School of traditional music in North America with over sixty classes and workshops, featuring all of the Traditional Instruments of Irish music, song, sean nos singing, set, step and sean nos dance and age old crafts. Our Tir Na N’Óg Children/ Youth program introduces the children to these traditions, in fun filled workshop settings.

Afternoon lectures on related topics are followed by evening concert performances by our highly acclaimed musicians, dancers, singers and storytellers, who like their students come from near and afar to avail themselves of this rare gem. Céilí dances are held in multiple venues at the same time, to the delight of the dancers, while the pubs and resorts echo the music and camaraderie of times past, in the many sessions and gatherings.

This Grand Finale in The Catskills is, The Andy McGann Festival, which begins at noon and ends at 7pm on Saturday July 20th. We welcome all its teachers, students and visitors.

For Registration and Teacher/Workshop Information visit the website

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