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Are you ready to take your flute playing up to the next level?

Expert Irish Flute Technique Course with Dr. Niall Keegan @ The Online Academy of Irish Music

The course Expert Irish Flute Technique is aimed at the more advanced flute player who would like to specifically target and develop technique in the context of ten tunes. Students will address ornamentation, leaning more complex forms and attempt a greater density of ornamental practice. They will also be introduced to a number of different forms of articulation and techniques of emphasis and duration as well as examining strategies for variation and approaches to phrasing. Students will also specifically target the use of keys through the adaption of known repertoire and will also be introduced to exercises to engage develop tone, dexterity and stamina. The styles of many great flute players from the Irish tradition are discussed and referred to throughout the course.

Online Lessons also available for flute, fiddle, accordion, guitar, bouzouki, song, uilleann pipes, banjo, bodhrán, piano and concertina.

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