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“The Thrush in the Storm”.


DERVISH release their eagerly awaited first studio album in 5 years entitled “The Thrush in the Storm” this April 2013.  The album reflects DERVISH’s dedication to Ireland’s rich music tradition and in particular to theirSligo music roots and contains many new tunes and songs with an innovative Dervish style.

DERVISH have just completed a sell-out tour of the USfor the album’s launch.  The album had its US launch at a special function in Boston in association with the WGBH Public Broadcasting organisation in Americawhere it was hailed by fans as their best yet.  Their US Coast to Coast tour finishes in The Lincoln Theatre,University of Hartford, Connecticut.  DERVISH Launch “The Thrush in the Storm” this April in Ireland and Europe before heading to the UK for a promo tour.

Dervish are one of the leading Irish bands on the Folk/ Roots circuit worldwide. DERVISH’s 24 year journey has taken them to thousands of venues in over 30 countries; sharing festival bills with everyone from Beck to James Brown, Oasis, Sting, REM and from Neil Young to Iron Maiden; playing tunes at the Great Wall of China, Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and the Wailling Wall and playing to an audience of 240,000 people at the biggest rock music festival in the world “Rock in Rio.”  Their innovative approach to Irish traditional music, while remaining respectful and loyal to the tradition, has won them critical acclaim internationally as well as many industry awards.

DERVISH’s creative input has been much in demand of late and they completed the music for the new 8 week series currently on ITV called “James Nesbit’s Ireland”;music from their new album will feature in the forthcoming Irish movie “Calvary” starring Brendan Gleeson, Chris O Dowd and Kelly Reilly. The movie is expected to be released later this year.

Dervish recently signed a three year publishing deal with Bucks Music Publishing in London.

DERVISH’S NEW ALBUM “The Thrush in the Storm” IN ALL GOOD RECORD STORES this April 2013.

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