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Donie Carroll is very well–known in Irish music circles in New York. Many know him from his work with the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra. His debut album Down the Slippery Gap brought him to the attention of many in the US Irish American community and for those who are based or visit the Big Apple, you can catch him live on Friday and Saturday nights at Murphy’s Bar in Sunnyside, Queens.

Dan Neeley of the Irish Echo says “Donie Carroll’s new DC, Divil of a Noise, is a wonderful album that explores Donie’s nostalgia for growing up in Cork and for when he first fell in love with music.” His album is somewhere between Seamus Creagh and Jimmy Crowley. Full of some great songs, such as an Irish re–working of the Vesta Tilley song the Army of Today, the track opens with Eamon de Valera’s reply to Churchill’s criticism of Ireland’s WWII neutrality. The songs could have been plucked from a Saturday afternoon on Radio Eireann in the 1960’s and we feature one of numbers, The Moon Behind The Hill as our Story Behind the Song article this month.

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