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The Rambling Boys of Pleasure are a collection of Irish musicians who love to explore their music and look for new directions in which to take it. Their aim is to explore the influence of Celtic music in different cultures around the globe, and to see if they can take that merging of cultures somewhere new. Having been brought up on songs that have travelled the globe and returned, they are fascinated by the journey these songs have taken, and the influences they picked up on the way. Wherever they travel, they intend to work with local musicians, and incorporate their music and culture into their set.

By working with local musicians, they aim to explore the commonality in their storytelling and song–writing traditions, and hope that this cultural cross–fertilisation will inspire all involved to create new works. The Rambling Boys of Pleasure are: Bernard O’Neill, Gino Lupari, Alan Burke, David Munnelly and Sean Regan. They have a sampler EP out now on iTunes. The Rambling Boys of Pleasure were heading into the studio at the end of April to make a full album.

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