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July 21st–28th, 2013, Rostrevor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

2012 was an excellent year for this International Festival. Thousands of people attended the eight day event enjoying artists such as The Sands Family, The Mac Connell Brothers. John Sheahan, Eleanor Shanley, Seamus Begley, Steve Cooney, Frankie Lane, Mick Hanly, Paul Kelly, Zoe Conway, John McIntyre, Kevin Doherty, The Henry Girls and a host of other artists local and international.

The 2013 organising committee has been formed and the 27th Festival Celebrations well–advanced. Beginning as a one day event the festival now extends to eight days and nights of music, culture and entertainment. With nearly 200 events it caters for music lovers, families who wish to enjoy the safe child focused childrens programme (5 days) and those who come to soak up the wonderful scenery, friendliness and free outdoor entertainment.

Based in the scenic village of Rostrevor the festival provides outdoor ceilis, an open air stage all day on Saturday and Sundays and evenings Monday to Friday, lunch, evening and night time music clubs,art exhibitions,walks, talks and the now legendry Literary Pub Crawl. Each year the festival bestows two awards, the Hall of Fame award which celebrates a life long achievement in Irish Music (2012 The Mac Connell Brothers) and a Creative Arts Award (2012 John Sheahan) to acknowledge the Arts and Literary fields.The recipients for 2013 will be named closer to the Festival launch in June 2013.

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