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New Online Harp Course at

The Online Academy of Irish Music

OAIM proudly presents its very first harp tutorials taught by Harpist Lisa Canny. This course is titled Intermediate Harp Technique, and in it Lisa teaches twelve tunes specifically chosen to help improve and master different techniques on the harp. She examines and demonstrates fundamental techniques such as hand position, through to more complex ones such as ornamentation and variation.  Jigs, Reels, Waltz, Slip Jigs, Barndances, Flings, Polkas and an Air are all included, covering a wide spectrum of tune types that are appropriate to learning various techniques on the instrument. By the end of the course the student can expect to have a broader repertoire of tunes that sit particularly well on the harp, and improved technique that will ultimately help in playing with greater speed,  stronger tone and clearer ornamentation.

Join OAIM’s global community of Irish musicians, log on to  and sign up today!

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