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Waltons Music to open new superstore in Blanchardstown Centre on Saturday, 24th August

Waltons Music are delighted to announce that they are opening a new 7,500 square foot retail music store in Blanchardstown Centre. The new store will be a one-stop destination for music lovers ranging from absolute beginners to professional musicians. Located beside TK Maxx, it will carry some of the most famous brands in music – including Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, Marshall, Yamaha, Zoom and many more. And it will continue the Waltons tradition of providing the best value and greatest range of music products in Ireland.

With over 90 years in the music business, Waltons is a name familiar not only to those old enough to remember the famous tag line of its sponsored radio programme, ‘If you feel like singing…do sing an Irish song’, but also to a much younger generation of musicians who bought their first guitars (or violins, or saxophones, or just about any other musical instrument that comes to mind) from one of its music shops. Even those not musically inclined might recognise the Waltons shop in South Great George’s Street as the setting of the movie Once’s most famous scene, the place where Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová sing their Oscar-winning song ‘Falling Slowly’ together.

Managing Director Niall Walton: ‘Our iconic Frederick Street shop, which has been part of the company for over ninety years, evokes happy memories for many and will be missed, but our Blanchardstown store with its ease of accessibility and vastly larger space ushers in a new era for the company, and we feel that it will offer huge benefits for our customers, including a much larger range of instruments, music technology, accessories and books. It is also the right time to open this store because these days people are turning to things that are meaningful and have real value. Music is such an important part of our culture, it’s a joy to make, and best of all it’s really good for you. Dozens of scientific studies have shown that active music-making benefits us in so many ways – physically, psychologically and intellectually. Isn’t a wonderful thing to be working in a field that we know makes a positive contribution to people’s lives?’

Walton feels that the new store will succeed for three simple reasons: variety, value and location. ‘We are very conscious that these days people expect – and demand – real value, so we’re doing our very best to provide that, from the most basic beginners’ instruments to the highest end. Blanchardstown Centre is also a great location and diverse shopping centre, and we are delighted to be bringing music to the huge range of shops currently in the mix. Accessible to all those reluctant to come into the city and just off the M50, Blanchardstown is a fantastic alternative to city shopping. We will, of course, be keeping our thriving city-centre music shop and Waltons New School of Music on South Great George’s Street, and we will continue to bring great artists to the National Concert Hall through our Waltons World Masters Series. But we’re very excited about this new development.’

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Niall Walton, Managing Director, Waltons Music T (01) 820  7425 | M (087) 226 7740 or Aideen Walton M (087) 967 6263

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