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New Online Piano Accordion Course with Mirella Murray, The Online Academy of Irish Music

Do you want to learn the Piano Accordion? If so, Mirella Murray’s new ‘Piano Accordion Technique’ course is the one for you. The first lesson of this course is absolutely free, so log-in and get learning!

This course is suitable for those who already have learnt the basics of piano accordion playing but who wish to hone in on their technique. Mirella teaches a lively selection of Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Marches and SlipJigs throughout the thirteen tutorials. She introduces basic ornamentation on the instrument – cuts, triplets, the use of double stops and also shows the left hand chord technique for each of the tunes. All the bass notes and chords are marked out in the accompanying written music.

This is an excellent learning resource for the student wishing to incorporate more left hand accompaniment into his/her playing. Mirella’s teaching methods are firmly rooted in the traditional ways of teaching Irish music; she breaks up the tunes into short phrases that she then plays repeatedly, prompting the student to play with her. By the end of the course the player can expect to have a broader repertoire of tunes coupled tasty left hand accompaniment, a better understanding of Irish style piano accordion playing, more fluent ornamentation and a deeper knowledge of the Irish music tradition. Online Lessons also available for flute, fiddle, accordion, bouzouki, song, uilleann pipes, banjo, bodhrán, piano, concertina, tin whistle, harp, guitar, and mandolin.

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