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New Courses from The Online Academy of Irish Music

At OAIM there are now 37 full Irish music courses for a wide array of instruments available online, with plenty more in the pipeline for the coming months. Access to ALL these courses, equalling 500+ quality Irish music tutorials is available for the small monthly price of E19.95. OAIM has lessons to suit almost all levels of skill and instruments of choice. If you haven’t logged onto OAIM for a while – now is a great time to log in and check out some of their new courses!

‘Standard Tuning Guitar Accompaniment’

with Cillian O’Dalaigh (The Outside Track)

Cillian will teach you how to accompany Irish music on the guitar using standard tuning accompaniment. This course is an invaluable resource for the experienced guitarist who is new to traditional music and would like to learn how to accompany Irish music or for accompanists who already has experience playing Irish music but would like to improve their skills and play in a more dynamic way.

‘Flute Basics’ with Steph Geremia (The Alan Kelly Gang)

Steph Geremia’s Basic flute course is a very comprehensive beginners guide to playing the flute. She addresses all the problems that learner flute players may have: how to hold the flute correctly, how to get the low notes, and most importantly where and how to breath. It begins with a series of six free lessons then progresses through to the twelve main subscription lessons. Other basic fundamentals that Steph will address include: how to create space in a tune to breath, breath technique, articulation, ornamentation, flute maintenance and how to gain clarity of tone in both the high and low register. The ‘Flute Basics’ course will equip the beginner flautist with the necessary rudiments to begin a journey down the long and adventurous road of Irish flute playing.

‘Piano Accordion Technique’ with Mirella Murray (Cherish the Ladies)

Do you play Piano Accordion and would like to develop your left hand bass hand? If so, this is the course for you. For every tune that Mirella teaches, all the bass notes and chords are marked out in the accompanying written music. This is an excellent learning resource for the student wishing to incorporate more left hand accompaniment into his / her playing. By the end of the course the player can expect to have a broader repertoire of tunes with tasty left hand accompaniment, a better understanding of Irish style piano accordion playing, some ornamentation and a deeper knowledge of the Irish music tradition.

Online Lessons also available for flute, fiddle, whistle, accordion, harp, mandolin, bouzouki, song, uilleann pipes, banjo, bodhrán, piano and concertina.

Join OAIM’s global community of Irish musicians, log on to and sign up today!

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