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Chris Stout (fiddle), Catriona McKay (Scottish harp) and Séamus Begley (accordion, voice) (Scotland/Ireland)

September 16th – 25th, 2014

“Sonically exquisite” – The Guardian on Stout and McKay

“The interplay between Stout’s fiddle and McKay’s harp was frequently dazzling and complemented by a palpable delight in the music, as tunes whizzed off into mercurial excursions…”  – The Scotsman

“This master of the squeeze box… The Cuas man’s voice is a joy.”  – The Irish Times on Séamus Begley

For the past 20 years, Catriona McKay and Chris Stout have captivated audiences with their exhilarating and virtuosic live performances: the cascading rhythms of McKay’s harp dovetailing perfectly with Stout’s swooping, soulful violin. Their unique sound, a celebration of music from the Northern Isles, imbues everything from Shetland reels to Swedish waltzes with a wonderfully atmospheric, almost cinematic quality.

Regular visitors to Dingle over the years, the pair are long–standing admirers of Kerry legend Séamus Begley, who joins them for this tour. Winner of the TG4 Singer of the Year Award in 2013 – and a fine storyteller to boot – Begley is also renowned for his distinctive playing style, which remains firmly rooted in tradition while sharing the Scottish duo’s sense of adventure and spontaneity. Here are three mercurial musicians at the top of their game. Expect sparks to fly one minute, and to have your heartstrings tugged the next!

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