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Woodford House Live Concerts

Broadcasting live online via Concert Window is making some unexpected income for traditional, folk, acoustic, poetry and storytelling artists.

It requires a reliable and fast upload broadband service and it’s a good idea to contact someone experienced in this new style of broadcasting.

Singer harpist Claire Roche and poet and storyteller John Willmott, aka Woodland Bard, have performed online concerts from Claire’s Woodford House venue, near Blackrock, Co. Dublin. They have been impressed with the service and extra income earned from Concert Window. Now they would like to show others how to do the same.

At present, most of the Concert Window audience is in the USA so this creates interesting concert time scheduling. Most concerts performed by Claire and others have been between 11pm and 1am Irish time, which catches the early evening viewers in much of the USA. As more viewers come on board in Ireland, UK and through Europe, it will soon make sense to hold regular time concerts at 7pm, 8pm etc.

Despite these performance time oddities, online broadcasting means a gig with barely any travel expenses and tour management headaches. It potentially means a world audience from a single gig too. This is also a great gig outlet for musicians taking time out to be with their young families.

Live broadcasting online is very different to YouTube and Vimeo. It is very social and community spirited. It’s probably the only place where the audience can chat with each other and use their mobile phones without disturbing the performers.

The interactivity of a live online show always makes it a memorable experience for everyone, and they usually ask when the artist will do it again.

Income is from a nominal ticket entrance fee and online tip jar that is split three ways between Concert Window, the venue such as Woodford House, and the performer.

As performing artists, Claire and John have earned between $30 and $150 for a show, but know people who have earned $1000 and over from a single show. Considering there are no travel and road crew expenses to pay, and little time used up to plan a show to get to the people, this is nice easy extra income for a musician.

So get started with your live performing online by visiting the following web address or contact Claire Roche at Tel: 087 289 5525 to find out more.

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