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New Online Concertina Course with Edel Fox

The Online Academy of Irish Music

Calling all those who want to learn the Concertina: OAIM is pleased to announce the release of Edel Fox’s brand new course ‘Irish Concertina Skills’. The first lesson of this course is absolutely free, so log–in and get learning! These videos are all in HD and have been enhanced with animated graphic diagrams to enhance the on–line learning experience. Edel’s course is aimed at the more experienced Concertina learner. Thirteen tunes are examined with each focused on a specific technique. These techniques are discussed, demonstrated and developed throughout the lessons. They include more advanced ornamentation, air button / bellow control, and becoming familiar with the lesser used buttons on concertina.

This course will help learners develop skills on the concertina that are transferable to tunes already featured in the learners repertoire. Notation is provided as well as a downloadable mp3’s of each of the tunes played slowly. We are convinced that learning the concertina with Edel and these innovative lessons couldn’t be made easier! Top quality lessons at OAIM, taught by world renowned instructors make learning Irish music fun, faster and easier than ever before.

Lessons also available for flute, whistle, fiddle, accordion, piano accordion, harp, guitar, bouzouki, song, uilleann pipes, banjo, bodhrán and piano.

Join OAIM’s global community of Irish musicians, log on to  and sign up today!

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