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Music City Irish Fest

March 14th, 2015

Nashville, TN is Sister City to Belfast, Northern Ireland and that needs to be celebrated – and what better time of the year than St. Patrick’s Day? So this year Nashville is throwing a party in a big way and starting an annual festival to celebrate Irish music, dance, sport, culture and travel. Past St. Patrick’s Days in Music City have made national headline news with the pranking of the Musica Statue, the 40 foot statue of 9 naked people dancing on the iconic Music Row Roundabout. The Willis Clan pulled the shenanigans by sewing kilts and blouses and clothing the nude figures during the middle of the night. The city awakened to the most epic prank that had ever been pulled south of the Mason–Dixon line.

Music City Irish Fest will be held March 14th, 2015 on Demonbreun Street from the Musica Roundabout to 14th Avenue from noon till 11pm. The Red Hot Chilli Pipers will be headlining the festival bringing their “bag rock” to Nashville music lovers along with The Willis Clan, Colm Kirwan – from Omagh, Northern Ireland, Beat Root – lead singer Andrea Magee from Belfast and recent contestant on the X Factor UK, winners from the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival and local bands – Nosey Flynn and Molly Ramone. Albert Alfonso will be displaying his wonderful bodhrans, Michael Burke will be there with his beautiful whistles, Southern Academy of Irish Dance will be dancing under the direction of Aoibheann O’Brien (Riverdance) and Kristin Butke (Lord of the Dance).

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