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Christy Moore: Journey

“Christy Moore: Journey”, is a provocative and powerful filmshot over a 5-month period on the road and produced by Bang Bang Teo.

For 50 years Christy has sung about the issues that have deeplyaffected him. So we brought the songs to the locations and the peoplethat inspired them. This is a deeply personal and human film, revealingChristy’s often times controversial actions and opinions, which make him truly unique.

“Christy Moore: Journey”, is all about the songs. These songs give voice to those who need a voice and give a real and raw perspective of life as it is in all its guises. The songs give shape to who we are and what we are. They also reveal a man who has dedicated his life to the craft of songwriting and who has stood up to be counted. The songs
guide us through the journey from the Irish in London in the sixties and on through the issues and events that shocked and shaped us to the present day and what we have become.

Christy Moore: Journey comes in 2 x 1 hour episodes and will be screened on RTE1 at 9.30pm on Sunday the 10th and Monday the 11th of April. At the age of 70, Christy finally agreed to make a film, the only film that will ever be made on his eventful life.


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