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Bodhran-info and Christian Hedwitschak release a special bodhrán for charity project

Bodhran-info charity bodhrán 2016 “Golden Maple”

A year ago bodhran-info and Christian Hedwitschak released a special limited edition of the CoreLine series because of the 10th anniversary of bodhran-info. The edition was limited to 10 drums, which were sold very quickly. An eleventh drum of the same edition was auctioned off for charity on ebay.

They liked the idea so much that we decided to release a special edition regularly to support a good cause. Every edition will be limited and it’s a great occasion to get a special drum. To make sure more people can engage, we are not auctioning a single drum, but give 15% of the selling price of each drum for charity.

And this is the bodhran-info CHarity Bodhrán 2016:

Limited to 15 pieces!
A very lively, lightweight drum (1420g), both for beginners or advanced players. The dimensions and the weight make this drum also attractive for kids (above 10 years) and young players. In addition, it’s a cool travel drum!

A real collector’s item!

35cm diameter, 12cm frame depth
Outer frame: hand crafted, layered beech wood
Outer frame: curly fiddlebottom maple veneer
natural finish with vegetable oils, vegetable waxes and beeswax
tool-less 6-point tuning system with open star tuners
classic comfort shaped tuning ring
original KENTVILLE DRUMS kangaroo skin from Australia by Steele Turkington
black cotton ribbon (more frictional resistance, keeps the drum on your leg)
taped for more harmonic sound
numbered and signed by Christian Hedwitschak, limited to 15 pieces.

Christian Hedwitschak:
15 years - 15 drums - 15% Charity

“At the end of 2016 I am looking back to 15 years of HEDWITSCHAK DRUMS. A lot has happened on these years A lot of beautiful experiences, some bitter experiences. Turbulent times, surprises, disappointments and emotions. A lot of people crossed my path, walked with me or are still walking. Some even from the very beginning. In all ways it was a great time and I am looking back full of gratitude. At the end of the 15th year I wanted to give something back. And what else can a drum maker do than build a special drum?
15 drums, to be precise. Very special drums, drums that I never made before and will not make again. And for a price that is a lot under the price that the drum should cost. On top 15% of the selling price are going to charity. We decided to support the refugee project „Musik schafft Heimat“ (Music provides home) of the Bavarian Philharmonic. Since Rolf Wagels is one of the people that walk with me from the beginning, we decided to do this project together.”

The project they are supporting is the refugee project „Musik schafft Heimat“ (Music provides home) of the Bavarian Philharmonic.

The project has three main focuses:

Workshops, classes and concert in refugee camps and simar institutions.
Refugees are integrated in the various ensembles of the bavarian philharmonic (children choir, youth choir, children orchestras and yout orchestras and Choir of the Bavarian Philharmonic for adults among others)
further schemes of integration and participation.

The link to more information and to get your bodhran-info charity bodhrán 2016 “Golden Maple” is:

This project is supported by bodhran-info, Christian Hedwitschak, Steele Turkington and ai-foto

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