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Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl to be honoured in Limerick

Niamh Dunne, the Beoga fiddle player who inspired Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl track, is set to be honoured for her contribution to the music scene in Limerick.

Dunne provided the spark of inspiration for Sheeran’s new folksy song, which details a perfect night with a feisty Irishwoman, and the Limerick-born musician also plays the fiddle on another one of the tracks from Sheeran’s new chart-topping album, Nancy Mulligan.

Now, Mayor Kieran O’Hanlon has revealed that he will host a special reception in recognition of her and her family’s contribution to the local music scene.

“Niamh Dunne has been acclaimed as an international artist,” he told the Limerick Leader. “I’m glad to know her personally, but more so her family.

“Her mam and dad and sisters, and indeed their family before them were great musicians in Limerick. So I will be having a mayoral reception for the Galway girl, who really is a Limerick girl.”

Dunne said she is “flattered” to receive the honour. ”It’s lovely [to get this offer]. I’m very proud to be from Limerick. I always have been, and I’ll always make sure I stand up and shout about it”, she said.
When asked if she thinks she could persuade Sheeran to come and play in Limerick, she replied: “We’ll just have to wait and see what happens! It’d be great for Limerick though.”

The musician revealed that she and her Beoga band-mates are enjoying the attention that comes with their association with chart-topper Sheeran.

“We’re knocking so much craic out of the thing, and more than anything, the music has been going down well. I’d hope this will have a knock on effect for the trad music scene here,” she said.

Dunne previously told RTÉ Entertainment  that she can’t believe she was the inspiration for the song.
“I’m so happy with Galway Girl, Ed Sheeran knows how to write a great pop song and it’s so catchy.
“My sister said she knew straight away it couldn’t be about me when later in the song she beats him at darts and pool,” she laughed.

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