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Plastic Paddy: Lucky Enough

Now available on CDBaby, and iTunes!
Drawing on the musical influences of the land in which they live, the debut album for Plastic Paddy, titled Lucky Enough, has hints of California rock and country and yet evokes the intimacy and convivial atmosphere of an Irish Pub.

When Plastic Paddy decided it was time to start recording their album, they found the songs they’d written came from various threads of Celtic rock, but also drew from California rock and country music that they listened to while growing up. A song like Scali Li evokes the old storytelling songs of the Celtic tradition. Choose Me Now and London After Midnight draw from the California rock tradition. Other tracks such as Rundlets and Kilkderkins and Beer from St. James Gate were inspired from the lively fun of an Irish pub. Irish Lass is a straight ahead Celtic rock song championing strong Irish lassies everywhere. The CD also includes a rousing country version of Greg Trooper’s Ireland, as well as a few classic pub songs.
While recording the CD at Skyline Studios in Oakland, California, the band found that they had crafted a sound that was uniquely theirs.  It came from the influences of both Ireland and California. Musically, the members of Plastic Paddy come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all share a love of Celtic music and its ability to evoke an emotional connection to listeners across generations. This music is both familiar and timeless.

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