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McNeela Music

McNeela Music offers a range of traditional Irish made flutes including Murray, Seery and De Keyser. The flutes are in stock and can come with or without keys. A flute by any one of these makers is a big investment.

The Seery flute has excellent tone and intonation. Made on the Pratton style it has plenty of power and a resonant wood sound. Made from polymer and is consistent in sound and durable in quality. Polymer made flutes are physically robust and do not crack or split with temperature changes and require no special maintenance or oiling. Ideal for extreme climates like Australia, Alaska and the US. This flute is a very popular choice among teachers for their students, as it is easy to fill and boasts a strong low D. It is an ideal instrument for the advanced student in their studies of traditional music.

Arie De Keyser is a well-known instrument maker of long standing and his flutes are played by some of our most famous traditional flautists, including Alan Doherty, Mick O Brien, John O Brien, Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull fame and many more. His flute is based on the Pratton design and has been modified over the years to satisfy the needs of the traditional musician.  ArieDe Keyser’s hand crafted flutes flow with a deep and resonant traditional sound that only African Blackwood can produce. These instruments can be with or without keys. This is a very popular flute suitable for the advanced student and professional musicians.

Sam Murray flutes are famous over a number of generations of flute musicians. Sam is a traditional flute maker from Belfast and has been making flutes for over 30 years. Sam’s flutes are made from high grade African blackwood and Persian boxwood using sterling silver for rings and keys.

Flute models range from unkeyed to keyed. Well known for their quality of tone and generates a volume for those mad into traditional sessions. These flutes have a warm and balanced tone across the range of the instrument. The added advantage is the flute is light and easy to hold for long periods in sessions. Over the past 30 years Sam has made instruments for players from all over the world. His flutes can currently be heard in every continent.

All flutes come in a Polymer high density foam lined flight case which holds the flute and 3 whistles Bb, C, D in the lid. A keyed flute will also fit in the case by removing a whistle. The case is available on its own.

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