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Over 95 Online Flute Lessons Now Available at OAIM

The Online Academy of Irish Music

Here at OAIM we have an ever-growing number of flute tutorials to keep all our fluters happy. With five top class tutors and over 95 tutorials there is never a reason for anyone to get fed up!  

Flute Basics: This course is aimed at the absolute beginner flute player.  Taught by Steph Geremia, it begins with a series of six free lessons then progresses through to the twelve main subscription lessons. How to hold the instrument with proper hand, lip and finger posture will be demonstrated and explained in the first of the six free lessons, along with the scales of D and G.

Flute Foundations: This course is aimed at the flautist who already knows how to play the flute but who wants to improve on the basic foundations of their playing. These foundations include ornamentation, tone, intonation and breath.

Flute Progressions: This course has been designed to follow on from Kirsten’s previous course titled Flute Foundations. The aim of the course is to take flute players whom have already mastered the basics of tone production, ornamentation and intonation up to the next level of playing.

Fleadh Tunes For The Flute: Join Majella Bartley as she demonstrates and discusses good competition tunes.  From Airs, Horpipes to Jigs and Reels.  Majella teaches a variety of tunes that are perfect for the fleadh, complete with ornamentation, variation and phrasing tips!

Advanced Irish Flute Technique: The course Advanced Flute Technique is aimed at the more experienced flute learner. In it, Kevin Crawford guides the student through a myriad of cranns, rolls, triplets, back–stitch triplets, key–work and cuts. One of the main themes of the course is articulation; Kevin constantly refers to throat articulation as a means of accentuating the rhythm of the tunes and demonstrates again and again how to use glottal-stops to attack the notes for percussive effect.

Expert Irish Flute Technique: Taught by Niall Keegan, the course Expert Irish Flute Technique is aimed at the more advanced flute player who would like to specifically target and develop technique in the context of ten tunes. Students will address ornamentation, leaning more complex forms and attempt a greater density of ornamental practice. They will also be introduced to a number of different forms of articulation and techniques of emphasis and duration as well as examining strategies for variation and approaches to phrasing. Online Lessons also available for tin-whistle, flute, fiddle, accordion, guitar, bouzouki, song, uilleann pipes, banjo, bodhrán, piano, mandolin and piano accordion.

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