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GALWAY, IRELAND - Salsa-Trad dance band, Baile An Salsa, will introduce their new CD, Ériu, at launch gigs in the east and west of Ireland this February. Baile An Salsa teamed up with five-time Grammy Award winning producer, Walter Flores, and six-time Grammy winner, mastering engineer Felipe Tichaeur, to bring out this hot, unique fusion of Latin styles, Irish trad and a bit of funk.

Recorded at the famous Grouse Lodge, Ériu is a multicultural collaboration featuring musicians and technicians from South, Central and North America and Europe. Ériu is the band’s second full length CD, following the 2014 release of Tribu.
“Refreshingly different group producing cross over music that is high on imagination and creativity.”
Tony Lawless, TradConnect (Ireland)
“To be touched by their music is to be touched by happiness itself!”
Dónall Mac Ruairí, RTÉ RnaG (Ireland)

“From Galway comes this multi-ethnic explosion of joy and sound!”
No Depression, The Journal of Roots Music (USA)

Baile An Salsa brings together an international mix of world-class musicians to deliver a distinctive blend of Latin rhythms and traditional Irish Music - a fusion which they call “Salsa-Trad.” The musicians seamlessly blend their influences from Latin America, Africa, Europe and the North America to create a contemporary twist of traditional tunes with original compositions. Vocals in English, Spanish and Irish meld with a vibrant combination of instruments, creating a full, rich sound.

Their positive message of diversity and unity contributes to their growing appeal. They have thrilled big crowds at concerts and festivals in Ireland and abroad, including the Kansas City Folk Fest, Kansas City Irish Fest, Galway Oyster Fest, Dublin’s Temple Bar TradFest, Cork Gathering Festival, Galway Guinness Festival, and the well-established Philadelphia Folk Fest, where they had listeners dancing all the way up the hillside at the Main Stage. Powerful and engaging, Baile An Salsa’s energetic and entertaining stage performance makes it nearly impossible for their audience to stay in their seats!

Baile An Salsa brings the party to Monroe’s Live in Galway on February 10th, and to Whelan’s in Dublin on February 11th.

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To learn more about Baile An Salsa’s new CD and launch gigs, please contact:

Andres Martorell
Executive Producer and Director
Galway, Ireland
Facebook / Instagram: @baileansalsa


Baile An Salsa - Live at the Philadelphia Folk Festival

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