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The New Home for Online Irish Concertina Lessons

The New Home for Online Irish Concertina Lessons.
From Starter to Advanced - Unlimited lessons on Irish concertina with Caitlín Nic Gabhann
For anyone who wants to learn the concertina but who may not have access to a teacher:
–> UNLIMITED - Unlimited access to all lessons
–> AUTHENTIC - You’re learning from the source
–> YOU’RE IN CONTROL - Learn & improve in your own time, in your own home
–> PERSONAL - Contact Caitlín personally if you have a question

‘The Lessons - What you get’

Video Lesson - A complete lesson taught by Caitlín. You can pause, rewind, fast-forward and watch it again. These video lessons are slow-downable and you can loop a section of the video for repeating - Very handy for practicing a particular phrase

Audio Track - A slow-downable track of the tune where you can also loop a section for repeating - a great tool for practicing

Tips on Technique - This is where you get advice on how to learn better and how to be a better player, featuring tips on good practicing skills, fingering, phrasing, air control and more

Notation - ABC and Staff notes are supplied and can be downloaded and printed

Story to the Tune - Every tune has a story! Caitlín gives us the background to the tune: where it comes from, the composer, concertina players who have recorded it, and other tunes that might be commonly paired with it


New lessons added all the time
Lessons are graded. Track your progress
Competitively priced

Complete Starter Course available now on and we plan on adding an Improvers Course and Advanced Course in 2019.

Try the Free Lesson at

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