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Competitions, concerts, céilithe, sessions + more at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2019

It was an exciting and successful week of competitions, concerts, céilithe, sessions and more at the 2019 Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann.

Over 500,000 people thronged the streets of Drogheda over the past eight days, while tens of thousands of people attended the special opening by President Michael D Higgins. The town pulsed with Irish rhythm and revelry as age-old traditions were celebrated by new generations and the vibrancy of the Fleadh emanated throughout the streets.

This is the second year in succession that Drogheda hosted the All-Ireland Fleadh. In 2020 it will be moving to Mullingar. Every year, the Fleadh provides a cultural meeting place for those who carry the great traditions of Irish music, song and dance in their hearts.

Lolo Robinson, Chairperson of the Fleadh Executive Committee said, “What a wonderful week we have had at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann here in Drogheda. It has been such a pleasure to host the Fleadh for the last two years. Memories have been made that will last a lifetime and the legacy of the Fleadh is the increased interest in traditional Irish music, song and dance that will last for generations to come.

She continued, “We would like to wish the organisors of the 2020 Fleadh in Mullingar every success and look forward to joining them for the 70th Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann”

Dr Labhrás Ó’Murchú, Ardstiúrthóir, Comhaltas Ceoltóiri Éireann said, “‘When Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann commenced in 1951 it was obviously a very small event. In the intervening years the Fleadh has grown to be a Festival of world proportions. It emphasises how our childhood traditions have proposed in the intervening years, and today played a significant role in tourism with over 25% of the 500,0000 attending, coming from out of state.’”

At the core of the Fleadh are the competitions that see traditional musicians, dancers, singers and story tellers of all ages and backgrounds competing at All-Ireland level, following victories at regional competitions.

This year over 7,000 competitors played, sang or danced for All-Ireland titles in 180 competitions. The standards were high and the music more than lived up to the expectations of judges who had a very difficult job choosing winners for each category and competition.

Scoil Éigse, the official summer school organised by Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, ran throughout the week with almost 900 Irish and international students of all ages taking part in various music, singing, dancing and Irish language classes.

Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann will in take place in Mullingar in 2020.

For all the results and further details on the Fleadh and competitions, visit

North American Results

1C Fidil / Fiddle (15-18) 3rd place John Paul Reynolds, CCÉ, Martin Mulvihill, Pearl River, NY, US

4D Feadóg / Whistle (O18) 3rd place Jet Willis Piatt, CCÉ, Murphy Roche Irish Music Club, Burr Ridge, Illinois, US

5D Cairdín Pianó / Piano Accordion (O18) 2nd place Danny Burke, CCÉ, Killoran-Clancy-Whelan, New York, US

7D Píb Uilleann / Uilleann Pipes (O18) 2nd Brian Bigley, , Strongsville, Ohio, US

8A Cruit / Irish Harp (Faoi 12) 3rd Margaret Hodes, CCÉ, SLIA, St. Louis, Missouri, US

9B Orgán Béil / Mouth Organ (12-15) 1st Brianna Brown, CCÉ, SLIA, St. Louis, Missouri, US

15D Tionlacan / Accompaniment (O18) 3rd Jim DeWan, , Chicago, Illinois, US

16D Bodhrán (O18) 3rd Cara Wildman, Dorchester, Texas, US

18C Foinn Mhalla, Fidil / Fiddle Slow Airs (15-18) 2nd Andrew Caden, CCÉ, O’Neill Malcolm, Washington,DC, US

19D Foinn Mhalla, Píb Uilleann / Uilleann Pipes Slow Airs (O18) 3rd Brian Bigley, , Strongsville, Ohio, US

21A Foinn Mhalla, Feadóg / Whistle Slow Airs (Faoi 12) 1st Labhrain Ni Thofa, CCÉ, Coleman-O’Grady, Bronx, NY, US

21B Foinn Mhalla, Feadóg / Whistle Slow Airs (12-15) 3rd Joy Willis, CCÉ, Murphy Roche Irish Music Club, Burr Ridge, Illinois, US

21D Foinn Mhalla, Feadóg / Whistle Slow Airs (O18) 3rd Brian Gallery, CCÉ, Mulligan-Quinn, New York, US

23C Ceol Beirte / Duets (15-18) 3rd Joseph De Georgeo, Ian McKenna, St. Paul, Minnesota, US

33A English Singing (Ladies) / Amhráin Bhéarla (Mná) (Faoi 12) 3rd Labhrain Ni Thofa, CCÉ, Coleman-O’Grady, Bronx, NY, US

33C English Singing (Ladies) / Amhráin Bhéarla (Mná) (15-18) 3rd Catherine O’Kelly, CCÉ, Martin Mulvihill, Pearl River, NY, US

34B English Singing (Men) / Amhráin Bhéarla (Fir) (12-15) 2nd Rónan Ó Tofa, CCÉ, Coleman-O’Grady, Bronx, NY, US

34D English Singing (Men) / Amhráin Bhéarla (Fir) (O18) 1st Kevin Elam, CCÉ, O’Neill Malcolm, Washington,DC, US


11D Maindilín / Mandolin (O18) 3rd Darragh Mac Dúnsléibhe, CCÉ, Langan-Gorman, Canada, CN

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